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Göteborg 2019-03-01

Freedom. Responsibility. Agile. Flat structure. Have fun. Let me introduce you to SpeedLedger.


We strive to simplify and make it fun to run small businesses by automating the accounting work. As of today, people actually have to either understand a bunch of complicated bookkeeping concepts or leave their accounting to a consultant. And this is where we come in…

We are building a SaaS service serving ~30k customers in Sweden and we are on our way of revolutionizing the accounting business.





React, Node, Scala, Java, Docker Oracle/Postgres/MongoDB, AWS. Our tech stack evolves organically by having highly skilled developers. Tech decisions are made in our dev teams without a hierarchical structure.


  • We are on our way to convert our GWT frontend to a mobile-first React platform
  • Mitigating the hidden costs by having a micro/macro-service architecture and reap the rewards of going there
  • Operational Excellence
  • Giving our customers a delightful experience by removing frustrations and adding value in a fast manner


Our teams are working in Kanban boards with stories going through code review and testing before going to production as fast as possible. Our OpX team optimizes our platform, tooling and deployment pipeline as a whole.

We’ve moved focus from detailed planning towards roadmaps describing what & why on a high level. The last year we have been experimenting with a Lean UX process to move focus from implementing features to solving customer problems for our teams. We’ve also ran a couple of Design Sprints (from Google Ventures) to validate design in an effective manner.

We’re now trying to incorporate customer based metrics where teams will set their own goals tied to what we want our customer to actually accomplish.


We like experimenting at SpeedLedger. Continuous improvement and change is built into our spine. Traits of our organization (according to our staff) are:

  • Drive & speed – continuous improvement combined with effective decision making
  • Great spirit & awesome colleagues
  • Freedom & responsibility
  • Activities – we do all kinds of fun stuff together (check out our Instagram)
  • Great product – our vision is clear and important, providing us guidance each day



What now?

Well, we want to increase our growth and we got hard problems to solve, trying to reach our vision. So we need you, awesome developer, to join our dev teams. You are either a junior developer with a high potential or a senior developer with high competence, or both ;-). We expect you to drive your ideas as hard as you can, teaching us how to be better rather than just tagging along.

If you are interested or just want to know more about the position. Let us know!



Contact:Henrik Zätterman


Apply today, we will continously go through incoming applications and get in contact with you as soon as possible.
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PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL INTEGRITY. When you send your application to SpeedLedger AB you agree that SpeedLedger will process your personal data according to the Privacy Protection Law ("Personuppgiftslagen", PuL).

SpeedLedger strives to have a working culture with an equal gender distribution. We also value ethnical and cultural diversity.