Software Developer – use your skills to make small businesses grow!

Göteborg, Växjö, Malmö, Stockholm 2021-10-25

Do you enjoy freedom, creativity, experimentation in combination with an agile way of working? Let me introduce you to SpeedLedger and the Visma Group. 

We strive to simplify and make it fun to run small businesses by automating the accounting work. As of today, people actually have to either understand a bunch of complicated bookkeeping concepts or leave their accounting to a consultant. And this is where we come in… We are building a SaaS service serving ~30k customers in Sweden and we are on our way of revolutionizing the accounting business. 




How we work

We run our Scala, Node, and React apps in Docker on Kubernetes using AWS. Services like Postgres, SQS, DocumentDB, Redis, and Kafka are also part of our stack. We build stuff as microservices, AWS lambdas, or what is the best fit for the task at hand. 

These are all tools that help us deliver value to our customers and keep us moving fast in a rapidly evolving market.

To ensure we can work in a Focused manner, and to make sure we are building the right things, we are using Shape Up a process recently pioneered by BaseCamp. Pushed code goes through code review and testing before going to production as fast as possible. Our platform enables us to run automated deployments at any time by all team members. We currently have two teams and both are capable of planning, developing and maintaining any feature of our product. Our Spark cluster crunches our data to provide customer based metric which drives our decisions and goals. We evolve our tech stack organically by having highly skilled developers. Tech decisions are made in our dev teams without a hierarchical structure.

Who are you?

Skilled developers are an important component to increase our growth. That’s why we need you, Awesome Developer, to join our development team! You are either a junior developer with high potential or a senior developer with high competence. We expect you to drive your ideas as hard as you can, teaching us how to be better rather than just tagging along. 

Our offer

At SpeedLedger you get the opportunity to work with engaged colleagues. As part of the Visma group, we have the resources and possibilities of one of the largest tech companies in the nordic region. Our employees are our most important resources and we have very good conditions and a positive and entrepreneurial culture. We strongly believe that happy employees will give us satisfied and happy customers! In our team, you will have the possibility to learn and grow with the support from your co-workers. We are better together! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We will start screening and interviews continually. If you have any questions about this position please contact or 



What now?

Well, we want to increase our growth and we got hard problems to solve, trying to reach our vision. So we need you, awesome developer, to join our dev teams. You are either a junior developer with a high potential or a senior developer with high competence, or both ;-). We expect you to drive your ideas as hard as you can, teaching us how to be better rather than just tagging along.

We are currently screening & performing interviews to this position so get in touch as soon as possible if you’re interested, contact Jimmy Stridh, Lead dev & team manager, at 



City: Göteborg, Växjö, Malmö, Stockholm
Contact: Jimmy Stridh


Apply today, we will continously go through incoming applications and get in contact with you as soon as possible.
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PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL INTEGRITY. When you send your application to SpeedLedger AB you agree that SpeedLedger will process your personal data according to the Privacy Protection Law ("Personuppgiftslagen", PuL).

SpeedLedger strives to have a working culture with an equal gender distribution. We also value ethnical and cultural diversity.